Unleashed on an unexpecting city


Me: What?

Brain: Interrupting people’s runs. 

Me: I am  just sitting on the Riverwalk. I am not bothering the runners. My anxieties include social anxiety. The thought of my stopping a stranger is laughable. 

Brain: I see you looking. Stop that. 

Me: I am not bothering the runner. 

Brain: Do you see the leash?

Me: The one attached to the dog that looks like Falcor?

Brain: On the other end of the leash is a runner. 

Me: The ears! The black nose and eyes! It IS Falcor!

Brain: Stop it! Stop trying to entice the dog! 

Me: I got to pet Falcor!!!

Brain: If they hadn’t stopped, you would have tackled the dog, wouldn’t you?

Me: Reach the stars, Fly a fantasy-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee….

Brain: You need stronger meds. 

Me: If they don’t want to stop, they shouldn’t bring a dog. 

Brain: *head desk*

Me: …Rhymes that keep their secrets, Will unfold behind the clouds, And there upon a rainbow, Is the answer to a never ending story…

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