Taking Munchkin to See Reindeers

Me: Only in Your State suggests we drive an hour and a half and visit an 80 acre farm that has reindeer!

Brain: That sounds like a great idea!

Me: I know, right?!?!

Brain: Let’s do it!


Brain: Well, that went well.

Me: We had an adventure.

Brain: You drove three hours with a 3 year old for no reason. First, the police made you stop and watch as the ambulance and fire truck began removing a body from a rolled truck.

Me: That was during the thirty minutes Munchkin slept! She avoided the trauma.

Brain: Then the 80 acre farm turned out to be a trailer park.

Me: I had no way of knowing that.

Brain: There was no petting zoo with camels, monkeys, giraffes, and reindeer.

Me: There may have been some somewhere. I did see a camel wandering around behind one of the trailers.

Brain: And the drive through the magical lights placed around the farm? A drive through a trailer park.

Me: It might have been pretty when it was dark.

Brain: And the people who ran the place weren’t even home. I’m guessing it is good thing we didn’t see the alleged Santa Claus that was supposed to be there with the reindeer.

Me: At least we tried!

Brain: You know what the best part of the trip was?

Me: I am afraid to ask.

Brain: When you pulled into the wrong trailer, thinking it was the office. And that nice man thought that you were hospice and had come to care for his dying mother.

Me: I feel terrible about that.

Brain: Only you could manage to interrupt a dying woman’s family suffering by trying to go to a petting zoo with reindeer. Bravo! This is one for the books!

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