Holiday Cards

Me:  I ordered the cheapest set of holiday cards.  I can’t remember the last year I sent holiday cards.  I only have 25 of them.  I hope I have enough.

Brain:  You ordered the obnoxious “Look at My Child” photo card.

Me:  But my child is so cute!

Brain:  And do you really think you know 25 people who would want to get a card from you?

Me: Most people have hundreds of people on their holiday card list.

Brain:  Mmm-hmm.  How many addresses do you have on your list?

Me: I just jotted down 15 addresses.  That only leaves me 10 cards left.

Brain:  Don’t think I don’t see the pediatrician and day care on that list.

Me:  I want them to like us.

Brain:  So, what are you going to do with the last 10 cards?

Me: I should keep one, so technically it is only 9 cards.

Brain: Fine.  What are you going to do with the last 9 cards.

Me:  Ummmm….

Brain:  In case you ever start feeling good about yourself, please remember this moment.  You are so pathetic you can’t find 25 people to send holiday cards to.

Me:  It’s the most wonderful time of the year?

Brain: Not for you.  There is no wonderful time of the year for you.


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