Help! My daughter’s an extrovert!

I am not going to survive the holidays. I nearly didn’t survive our vacation. Not only is Munchkin an extrovert, but she loves people. I have come to realize those are two different things.

On our cruise, we boarded the ship in Vancouver. The next day, we put into port in Seattle. Munchkin and I ducked into a McDonald’s to get her a juice box. As I struggled with the straw, I heard someone call Munchkin’s name. I looked up to see three crew members waiving excitedly at my daughter.

As the cruise progressed, her social interactions became exponentially complicated. One morning, it took 23 minutes to walk past the pool on the Lido deck. I know, because I timed it.

Now the holidays are here. People are social. Munchkin is social. I am exhausted just thinking about it. Maybe it is time to become an alcoholic…

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