Digital Nomadcy

This is my dream. I dream of living the life of a digital nomad. Seeing the world, experiencing cultures, learning languages, and having a truly remarkable life. 

Of course, like most Americans, I am drowning in student loans. My only hope is to continue to work for a governmental agency or a nonprofit. I am searching, but finding jobs like that is extremely difficult. 

The other concern is Munchkin. In ninth grade, I was in my tenth school.  I was not raised in the military, which I understand provides a lot more support for moving kids. 

Growing up, I was a painfully shy introvert, struggling with anxiety and depression. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t anxious or depressed – the first anxiety attack I remember was at kindergarten graduation. Being raised in a Southern Baptist family, the solution presented to me was prayer and when it didn’t work (gasp!), I was scolded for not having a strong enough faith. 

The studies on nonmilitary introverts who moved frequently as a child show these children grow into adults with no self-esteem, inability to have fulfilling relationships, general loneliness, and they even die at a fairly early age. Aside from the fact that I am still alive, I am the poster child for this study’s results. (I am commenting about the actual study, but here is an article about it:

I am terrified of having Munchkin suffer like I have. I fear her being all alone as an adult with zero support and the horrible loneliness I suffer every day. 

I know that she is an extrovert. I know that the studies show different results for extroverts with this background. I know the world is different now. Say what you will about social media, but kids that bounce around now have a way to stay in touch and to be less alone. 

Do I work towards getting rid of everything and taking my daughter around the world? Or do I try to keep her in a more traditional life than the one I had?

If I don’t find a way to do this, I am terrified of her first DWB and her first active shooter lockdown.  Do I traumatize her emotionally with moving or put her at risk of being black in Murika.

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